Codice products express the strong link between idea and implementation, where the first reveals the designer's free phrase book and the second is realized in the experience of the artisan who supports and enriches the project. The result is a design that identifies with the essential elements to the function and emotion.

About Codice

Codice is an initiative in which a group of designers is self-producing furniture and furniture complements in order to express personal and contemporary design. A design renewing the relation between form and function in a considered way which pays attention to both materials and shapes.

Codice combines the strengths of different personalities to communicate - out of market logics - a vision of design today. Each designer is actively involved in the production of the handmade articles and directly follows both the development and the prototypes realization to freely express their own creative sensibility.

Codice is a single face for a lot of souls.


This brand is an important occasion to promote the excellence of all the small companies that are the roots of Made in Italy design.
Codice has the purpose to give a contribution to the evaluation of contemporary design throughout the cooperation in projects production and communication.

Anna Maria Cardillo

Leonardo Rossano


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